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Salty – Madeira Water Activities

Works in a way to make you feel like at home in Madeira Island. We want you to feel part of the family –  the “Madeira Salty Family”. We operate in groups of maximum 6 people per class and we can guarantee you that our instruction is very individual and suited to your needs. Our main goal is to let you have the best experience and have the must fun of it! Our surf school is the place to come for quality, safe and fun for all ages and levels. We want you to know that wether it’s Surf, SUP or Bodyboard, these activities are so much more than just a sport…

As for me, my name is Belmiro Mendes and I’m a Free-Surfer, certified instructor by FPS (Portuguese Surfing Federation) and also the founder of “Salty”. I have a Tourism Degree and I have been surfing for almost 20 years now (almost since I remember)… Over the last 14 years, I also dedicate my time giving surf, Stand Up Paddle and bodyboard lessons. Water is my life, having fun and sharing all I love is my philosophy, because things feel even better when you have the privilege to share what you love with people around you and that’s what Salty is all about… My goal is to share with you all this spirit of adventure, this love that I feel for the ocean and also this beautiful paradise that I am lucky enough to call home, all in one! So, let’s find out if you have what it takes to get ‘Salty’ ! Are you with me? 

Ready to get salty?

Salty – Madeira Water Activities is officially licensed and insured Surf, Bodyboard and SUP school by Portuguese Surfing Federation (nº409), acknowledge by the Captaincy of the Porto of Funchal and with a National Tourism License (nº161/2016). Salty exclusively offer lessons to small groups with a maximum of 6 people and also individuals, with only one group or class at a time, so that we can attend to each student’s needs in particular and ensure efficient learning.

We offer you high quality equipment and guarantee you will have an authentic and personalised experience with a certified instructor, who have been surfing almost for his entire life. Either you are experienced who needs a board or an absolute beginner, we look forward to welcome you in our family in Madeira Island. Check all the experiences you can have with us, let us know what you wish the most and we will take care of the rest! But please, do not forget to bring your will to learn and all the good vibes you may have. Let's get Salty!

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