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Stand Up Paddle Tours

come and take a ride with us!

55€ - 200€

Ready to your SUP Tour in Madeira Island but not sure how it works? Come and take a ride with us! Our instructors will teach you the basic terminology, positioning, balance and paddling to have you supping in no time and ready to paddle around on your own. Come and “walk” on Madeira’s water through a Stand Up Paddle experience. With beautiful beaches and stunning scenery, you can get to know our island in a very different way and meet amazing places that we can only have access by the sea.

This tours are available all year round. Whether beginner or experienced we will look for the best tours adjusted to your preferences so that you can make the most out of this experience! All you have to do is bring a towel, sunscreen and a swimsuit. We take care of the rest so that you can enjoy the ride!

Please take note:
  • Please take note: Transfer service not included on this activity.

Stand Up Paddle Tours includes:

  • Theoretical Briefing (rules and safety);
  • Warming up;
  • Fully experienced instructor certified by the FPS;
  • Practical class and tour;
  • All equipment necessary for your class;
  • Insurance.

Our Reviews

Joe VickersJoe Vickers
20:04 02 Dec 22
Fantastic experience surfing with Salty at Porto da Cruz - I had not been surfing for 15 years, essentially a novice, but I was able to stand on the board for the first time within minutes!I was lucky enough to have the full attention of the instructor, who was friendly while offering critical advice to help me learn. The bet was that if I was able to stand he would buy me a pint - my only regret is that I didn't buy him one as thanks for being such a great teacher!I surfed until I was exhausted, which sadly did not take long, but the experience was still extraordinary value. If you are in Madeira and want to learn to surf, choose Salty!
Zach CZach C
09:48 21 Nov 22
Belmiro is a great surfing instructor. He really gets to know his students, considers where is best to go and tailors his lessons. He's friendly, very knowledgeable and invested in improving your surfing whilst making sure you have a fun time! If you want a surf lesson in Madeira, look no further than Salty!
Salty = Belmiro = 150/5 Stars!Belmiro is one hell of a teacher. He is not just only a super good guy, he also teaches surfing on next level.Once we’ve started he made a joke that if not everybody stands within the first hour he will pay for the drinks afterwards.Surprisingly everybody stood up within the first hour, even me - it was my second time surfing ever. But the first time was with a lousy teacher in France three years ago, so I had to start at zero.Belmiro has the ability to make you focusing on the relevant part in the water but also makes jokes and speaks about private topics with you while he is waiting for the right wave.His classes aren’t as crowded like the other schools we saw in Porto da Cruz.He is doing it all by himself and only makes small groups with around 6-8 people max.The feeling is great and everyone is getting along with each other.We even sat down and drank some coffee afterwards, which just rounded everything up.Unnecessary to say that after this experience I’ll be never able to go to another surf instructor, because it’s just can’t get any better than this.On day 1 I could barely stand up. On day 3 I’ve caught waves on my own. It was incredible.We even put one day on top so that we’ve been out with Belmiro for four days.Whatever his price is (it’s not even higher than the other schools): it’s totally worth every cent of it! I mean, cmon, this guy is doing it all alone. He surfs for 29 years and teaches for 21.Don’t forget to leave a tip for him afterwards.When you’re in Madeira and want to surf, come here!
Dario SchneiderDario Schneider
18:29 31 Aug 22
Belmiro was a great instructor and also fun to chat with in the café after surfing:) We could see progress in every of our 5 surfing lessons and enjoyed them all.
Christopher RudolfChristopher Rudolf
12:22 31 Mar 22
After struggeling a bit with the waves in Madeira I booked two one on one surf-session with Belmiro. He exactly analyzed what I was doing before telling the biggest mistakes I did. His analyze was very accurate and instead of telling me I was doing everything wrong, he step-by-step shifted me into having nice surfs. The sessions I did by myself improved a lot the later days.Definitely worth it! Highly recommend Salty Surf School for beginners, intermediates and "vacation-surfers"!
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