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Best Friends

Pets and Mini Van are Salty’s Best Friends

Pets are welcome at Salty family, from our experience over the years we can tell they love Surfing as much as we do! They always get excited when we take them to the beach, specially if we take the surfboards. It’s incredible, the way they jump to the board and ride the waves with us.

Whether it’s surfing, stand up padlle or bodyboard, they always want to go for an adventure with Salty!

About our “Mini Van”, a Peugeot 504 that we got, specially for carrying us all around Madeira island! Back on time, this van was used as a taxi to take everyone around the Island for their needs. In our days it will take us all to the best and the most beautiful spots around the island.

So, we think we’re all set to go…
Are you ready to get SALTY?

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