A full day of water activities: Surf and Stand up Paddle in Madeira Island

A full day of water activities: Surf and Stand up Paddle in Madeira Island

Surf and Stand up Paddle in Madeira Island with Salty Madeira.



The day started early just like every simple live adicted waterman. Predictions of light wind on the morning and some waves for a fun surf class later on the day i just pack all gear an hit the road to meet with Alexandra and her little Noa in Camara de Lobos.

The plan was simple: pure fun and a good time on the Madeira south coast!

I arrived, took all gear off and they appeared. Little Noa was supper excited to heat the water for the  first class of the day, a Stand Up Paddle tour to the water fall and the “cave”.

After 45 minutes paddling with the amazing view of Camara de Lobos and Cabo Girão, we were there ;). Took some time to enjoy all the beauty of these place . Paddle back to Camara de Lobos bay with some light winds to end our morning activity. When we arrived i was impressed, got to remember that Noa is 8 years old and she did it like everyone else.

After everyone ready we went for some lunch! “Just up the hill we have a few good restaurants and when you are with Salty remember that you are no longer a tourist for us you are a part of the family and we always want the best for those that we care. So as always we thake you to the perfect and local places were you can embrace the local comunity.” Espetada with fried corn cubes and some salad”, the perfect traditional dish for a local.

Second round was a surf class in Porto da Cruz in the North East of Madeira Island, but this time we had the company of another two members of the family Chico an Gui join us for the surfing session.

Meeting point in the Alagoa Beach Restaurant. Some waves with some wind but perfect for another two hours in the water.

We got the gear up and went in to ride some good waves and it was amazing. Alexandra and Noa were riding wave after wave and the time pass by Noa hit the beach to play with Chico and Gui and Alexandra got a few more waves. After it was time for Chico to do one wave!

After this amazing day we went to the Alagoa Beach Restaurant for the Madeira famous and our favourite fisherman style poncha. A local drink made from sugar cane rum lemon peale and some sugar. Perfect end of the day in a good company 🙂

Thank you Alexandra and Noa for the time that you spended with us! It was a pleasure to meet you and don’f forget: Keep it Salty!


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