Surf in Madeira Island

Surf in Madeira Island

… what a day of surfing. Before I speak of this day, I must perhaps say how my previous day ended. Good waves in a memorable afternoon. Two hours of good surf in good company, a poncha to finish the day with the sun going down and a forecast of good waves for the next day.

Morning Surfing

I woke up at 06:30 in the morning to go surfing again to the same spot that i had surfed the day before. Full of will and anxiety to get there and know the true verdict of the conditions of the waves. With the sun still to rise  and conditions not perfect but more than acceptable for a good session of surf, light wind and waves of 1.5m. 4 people inside the water and good barrels! It was a good 2.30 hours of surf. The tide was changing and i changed also the surf spot. The north coast of the island was going to be more or less with the same conditions but instead of right waves to surf i surfed some nice lefts. Sun, good waves and lots of fun on the mix for the 3 hours surfing.

Madeira Island has the conditions to provide good experiences for all levels of surf, from the beginners to the pros. It is very important to surf together and that is where Salty comes in, we have classes for beginners to surf guide for pros. If you want to surf in Madeira Island and have fun book your surfing experience with Salty – Madeira Water Activities.


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