Salty Madeira: Surf trip to Indonesia

Salty Madeira: Surf trip to Indonesia

Salty Madeira

Surf  trip to Indonesia…

Enjoy some pictures 😉


What to say about the Indonesia surf trip?

I think it all started with a little project call Salty – Madeira Water Activities, a dream of passing to others the joy and the impact that the ocean had in all my life.

Thanks to Salty and everyone that join our Surf, SUP and Bodyboard school… with all of you i could  manage to travel on my dream trip to Indonesia!

“It all started with long hours in airoports and planes, Emirates make it feel confortable and fast! Arrived to Jakarta direct to the hotel and I had my very first Bintang with my friend João Mealha.

Next day Padang were we meet the hole crew and the captain Gonçalo Ruivo, i was pumped to start the action on the next day on board of Melaleuca.

It was 11 days surfing here and there all over the dream land Mentawai, surfed lot of waves during the boat trip but one just got to the hole crew as the best of it. We surfed Greenbush all by ourselves. Two hours of overhead waves and good vibes made it the surf of the trip!

Second round was on Lancers Right for 8 days in a 10 steps walk to the water and a 2 minutes paddle to the peak. It was magic!

Surfed HT’S everyday and even got a walk across the rain forest to King Fisher camp on Lancer’s left for a good surf session with Aiken aka Supersonic and Couto. The road there was something out of a Nathional Geografic mag, the local comunity that we met along the road were so simple and beautiful that i felt at home!

On the end 3.30h of boat to catch the fast ferry on another 3h back to Padang. Next day a 37 h trip back to Madeira Island.

It was an amazing trip, surf everyday and made new friends. Gonçalo “the Captain”; João Mealha “Borboleta”; Miguel Fortes; Filipe; Angelo “Supersonic”; Henrique “pescador”; Mouzinho “the coutch”; João Mendonça “boquinha de ouro”; Tomás Couto; Manu “zuca”. Thanks you guys for all, the time and the knowledge that you shared with me!

Special thanks to my girlfriend that make it all possible everyday!


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