Beginners Surf Lessons in Madeira Island

Beginners Surf Lessons in Madeira Island

Salty – Madeira Water Activities is a surf school that works in Madeira Island. We work all over the Island so we can find the best surf spots for your surfing level.

Beginners surf lessons can be done in a few surf spots all over Madeira Island. There are 4 beginners surf spots that we use for our surf lessons.

In all the beginners surf spots you will find black sand. The sand is black because it is from volcanic origin Island.

The beginners surf spots in Madeira Island are located in: Porto da Cruz, Machico or Seixal.

Porto da Cruz:

– Alagoa beach – Small beach with a mix between small rocks and dark sand but some times we have a full sandy beach.

– Maiata beach – This is the one of the biggest beach with sand in our Island. Some time it get’s also a mix between rocks and sand.


– There is a sand mixed with some rocsk in Machico perfect to have beginners surf lesson but these wave works with a south swell and just works time to time.


– Just by the harbour in Seixal we have a sand beach perfect to go for a first surf lesson on the north coast of Madeira


All these waves are the only places that are suitable for a beginners surf lessons  in Madeira Island. Depending on the weather and swell (waves) forecast we move from one to other spot so we can get you to the better one on your surf lesson with us.

Our beginners surf lessons are more then only surfing. The important part for us is that you can enjoy your surf session and know a little bit more abou our culture.

Keep it Salty! Salty  – Madeira Water Activities.

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Photo taken in Porto da Cruz Beach

Our instructor is gonna be there all the time by your side

In Seixal Beach

Happy faces all the time

After a beginner lesson your smile stays

Oh Yehh..

Ready to get Salty?